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Speakers / Appearances

Speakers / Appearances

Grant Wilson

Grant S. Wilson has been actively involved in all types of paranormal investigation since his first intense encounter with the paranormal at age 15. He has paved the way for much of the modern field through his work with the group The Atlantic Paranormal Society (T.A.P.S) which he co-founded many years ago.  His unique level-headed approach to the field caught the attention of the world through the top-watched cable show Ghost Hunters, which he produced along with Ghost Hunters International. He has spoken to hundreds of thousands of people and affected millions more worldwide with his big heart, extensive knowledge, and down-to-earth technique. A mission he continues through his YouTube channel

Grant has been featured on; Late Night with Conan O’Brien, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, The View, Good Morning America, the Today Show, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Destination Truth, and more.  He has written six books on the subject, one of which is a NY Times Best Seller.

When he isn’t helping people cope with the paranormal, Grant is traveling the world or at home with his wife and three sons. He is an avid composer of piano music with two albums to date; “1.618” and “Liquid Earth”. He has co-authored “Brotherhood of the Strange”, a steampunk fiction novel. He is Art Director & Developer for Rather Dashing Games where he helps design and create art for family style board games.


Eric Altman is a Cryptozoologist, specializing in Bigfoot/Sasquatch with a combined 38 years of study and research of the phenomenon.  He is a well respected field researcher, Director of the Pennsylvania Cryptozoology Society, and host and producer of the alternative talk show podcast,Beyond The Edge Radio.  Eric’s considers himself a paranormal enthusiast whose interest in all things paranormal.

Eric has been actively investigating cases and sighting claims dating back to 1997 and or assisted in over 250 cases of Bigfoot sightings, encounters and claims in Pennsylvania.  Eric was an organizer of the East Coast Bigfoot Conference from 2000 to 2011, and beginning in 2016 he organized and hosted the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Camping Adventure, a charity fund raising event. Eric is a much sought after public speaker and has lectured all over the country dating back to 2000.

Eric has been featured in multiple documentaries, television programs, and films on Bigfoot.  He has also contributed to, been interviewed and appeared on various radio interviews and print media.

To learn more about Eric, visit his website or find him on Facebook  

Cat Young and Tess Hughes

Cat Young and Tess Hughes are mother and daughter, they are The Mountain Gypsies. They are multi-faceted gifted intuitive/seer healers, from the Appalachian Mountains. Their lineage is that of Scottish Travellers, Cherokee and Melungeon.

The sight, the healing, the magic… All passed down through bloodlines from all sides. Their knowledge of mountain herbs and stones on how to break bondage and set people free is not of this earth, but from a heavenly realm. They follow a higher power and know all things good come through The God of their forefathers, the God they worship. They have no agenda to preach their beliefs, but to heal those who God puts in their path, the rest is up to that person to follow their journey. They will walk through your pain with wisdom, knowledge and understanding given to them to help heal you.

They will tell you Love and Laughter is the number one healer and their heart is to fill you with as much as you will allow! Some will understand the ways of the old they follow, some will not… But all are called to come for healing!

If you are lucky enough for them to bring along the youngest Mountain Gypsy, the one they call Lil Mamie, then you are in for a real treat as the healing of old flows through her, it will astound even the hardest of hearts.

They are called all over the United States to do healings, exorcisms, clearings, lectures and more. They host classes to teach, for knowledge and wisdom is what will help set the world free. Check them out on and 

Jessica Felice

Award winning actress, Model, CosPlayer, and Horror Scream Queen Jessica Felice will be here at Pennhurst for her first ParaCon.

Jessica is best known for her award winning role as Katie in the feature film “SoulMate” and her leading roles in “The American Werewolf Project, Vampires, The Price, Blood Loss, Tales of Horror and her upcoming releases, “Just South of Hell, The Haunted, and The Possessed”.  Along with her film career Jessica has also been seen on such television shows, as “I was Possessed, Southern Fried Homicide, and Copycat Killers”.

Jessica will be available for photo-ops and will have plenty of merch to sign at her booth. For more information on this very talented actress, visit

Marc Arvilla

Marc is MGHPS’s team leader and is also the Co-Founder of Can Am Paranormal. He speaks with potential clients, books investigations, and prepares the team for anything and everything. He’s a solid investigator, intelligent, charismatic, and the team member whom we all look up to. Marc at one time worked in the building that sits on the original site of the Salem Witch Gaol, used to hold accused witches on trial during the infamous Salem Witch Hysteria of 1692-1693. The fact that he got to spend eight hours a day in a building that holds memories of such a terrible and tragic past within its walls, and could possibly be haunted, is enough to make any paranormal enthusiast jealous.  Marc is also the co-host of DTM Wicked Radio’s “PARANORMAL HANGOVER” which airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m.EST.

John Zaffis

John Zaffis has over forty three years of experience studying and investigating the paranormal. He has had the opportunity to work for and with his aunt and uncle, Ed and Lorraine Warren. This sent John beyond looking for ghosts and hauntings and into studying demonology under the Warrens. This led into John’s involvement with cases of possession and exorcism, which gave him the opportunity to work with prominent exorcists in this field, including Roman Catholic priests, monks, Buddhists, rabbis and ministers. John has assisted and worked with well-known exorcists Bishop Robert McKenna, Father Malachi Martin, and the Reverend Jun.

John has been featured in the SyFy television series Haunted Collector., Discovery Channel’s documentaries A Haunting in Connecticut and Little Lost Souls. John has also appeared on Unsolved Mysteries, Piers Morgan, and many other print and news media events. John also appears in Graveyards and In A Dark Place, both books written by Ed and Lorraine Warren. John’s first book, Shadows of the Dark, co-written with Brian McIntyre, was released in September, 2004. John has also appeared on Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures. John is working on multiple follow-up books currently, and is lecturing all over the United States at colleges and universities.

Visit John’s Website here

Rosalyn Bown and Michael Lewis

Rosalyn Bown-Lewis is a former cast member of SyFy’s Ghost Hunters Academy. She has also appeared in the film documentary Surviving Evidence and the television series Paranormal After Party. She joined her first ghost research group in 1999, and acted as assistant director of a local T.A.P.S. Family Group for several years. She’s conducted hundreds of ghost investigations and has given dozens of lectures on a variety of paranormal topics.

Rosalyn’s focus has always been on helping others. Her backgrounds in psychiatric nursing and in customer service give her particular insight into the minds and motivations of both the living and the dead. She is a Reiki Master, an Angel Therapy Practitioner, a Psychic Medium, and has helped families resolve the crises associated with disruptive paranormal activity.

Michael Lewis has long been drawn to spiritual and religious experiences, and has been fascinated with how paranormal phenomena affect and reflect those experiences. His first brush with those mysteries occurred during high school, when a family friend related testimony and showed evidence of an extreme haunting. This was a formative experience for Michael in shaping his view of the life (and afterlife) of the human soul.

Michael has been a member of several philosophical and paranormal groups over the past thirty years, with experiences in ghost communication, meditation, spiritual healing, and angel card readings. His love of music has led to several band projects over the years and he’s currently honing his craft as a singer-songwriter. He has worked in education for the past twenty years and currently has a role developing job skills and experiences for special education students.

Frank Cinelli Jr aka Dr Spectre

I have been a Holistic health care provider for nearly 20 years, and owner of the Vitamin Pharmacy. In my practice I use bio-energetic testing, along with laser and light therapies, I am certified in intracellular communications, bioset, reiki and other types of energy work. I am well versed in homeopathy bio identical hormones, vitamins, minerals and herbs.

I’ve had a life long obsession with the paranormal, and have been actively investigating since the early 80’s. I am now able to use my career knowledge to study the effect of the paranormal on the human body and energy. I write for TAPS paramagazine “ According to Dr. Spectre “ and for “ask Dr. Spectre”

Aaron Sagers

Aaron Sagers is an entertainment journalist, TV personality and professional nerd. He is an author and expert on topics including geek culture, paranormal pop culture, zombies, comics and horror. Aaron has been on the Today show, was host/co-executive producer on Travel Channel’s Paranormal Paparazzi, hosted a talk show for Syfy’s Being Human, and has appeared on CNN, MTV, BBC, HLN and Huffington Post Live.

He is editor-at-large for NBC Universal’s entertainment site and travels the nation discussing paranormal topics and pop culture at events such as San Diego Comic-Con, New York Comic Con and Wizard World Comic Cons. Along with having a decade of experience as a journalist and syndicated columnist for, the Chicago TribuneThe Baltimore SunThe Philadelphia Inquirer, the Miami Herald and more, he founded, an entertainment site that explores supernatural and paranormal genres.

Aaron’s work has been featured in Entertainment Weekly and The Hollywood Reporter, and he is the author of Paranormal Pop Culture: Rambling and Shambling Through the Entertainment of the Unexplained.

JV Johnson

JV Johnson is co-host of the fastest growing nationally syndicated talk show Beyond Reality Radio with long-time collaborator Jason Hawes. The show is heard monday – friday nights on major radio stations around the country as well as online and on JV is also Publisher & Editor of the world’s foremost paranormal magazine – TAPS ParaMagazine. And most recently his work includes hosting a Facebook live weekly “TV” broadcast known as SCARE-A-CON TV, and running the very popular horror/paranormal convention – SCARE-A-CON.


With a lifelong interest in the paranormal, JV continues to investigate, and report on various paranormal topics ranging from ghost to UFOs to bigfoot to conspiracy theories. And as an avid horror movie buff he spends much of his time pursing various film projects as a producer and promoter.

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